Okay so here goooooooooes!

My very first blog post….It’s been sometime since I lost my virginity to anything so I am pleased to announce I have burst my BLOGGINITY! And similarly to the “other” virginity I lost not so long ago*cough cough* it dawned on me “shite I’m gonna have to do this again”… worried me just like writing this blog…..

So what are my worries on starting a blog, firstly I will have to continue as by now I have told everyone I know and insisted they read it. Some would call bullying I much rather the term encouraged! So now I have started I need to continue and y’all need to read every post!!!!

Secondly I will have to make my ramblings interesting and humorous which seemed a lot easier till I started typing.

This blog will need some commitment on my part, I probably should mention I’m not keen on commitment. I wouldn’t say I have a phobia of commitment as such I’d just rather be free to do as I please as and when I please.  Admittedly I also hate change any form of change I like things to say exactly as they are unless I instruct other wise, but saying that I am keen on changing my hair as I get bored easily but do revert back to the same style……

As you will see from my last paragraph my thought pattern is somewhat random and often erratic and follows no real flow. This I wasn’t unaware of until actually reading back the last paragraph, so God only knows how the next few blogs will read…..

So before I digress/ramble any further I probably should get back to or rather start discussing the subject in hand!

30 things before I am 30 

I am 30 in 15 months which means I need to complete at least two a month and considering this is the 25th day of the first month I better get cracking.

The main problem with this is I don’t actually have 30 things on my list as of yet, so lovely readers feel free to suggest ideas! Nothing too life threatening or expensive like point 12. If you do choose to suggest expensive ideas I will of course expect you to be contributing to this idea with the said monies 😉

Points 3, 7 & 8 will work in conjunctions with each other killing three birds with one stone, as will 4 & 5 kinda cheating I know but hey ho…. Oh and I’ve completed 9 now too which I will talk about in my next blog!

  1. Start Blog
  2.  New career/job
  3. Skydive
  4. Join gym
  5. Be same weight I was when 25 years old
  6. Holiday alone
  7. Give blood
  8. Raise money for charity
  9. Skype Video Call
  10. Afternoon Tea
  11. Ascot Ladies Day
  12. Rolex (purchased by friend haha)

NOW my first blog has been published I will try to stay committed to and blog at least once month with updates on how my journey to 30 and any other ramblings I want to share but for now I’m off to try & catch my friend on Skype 🙂

Love, Peace & Chocolate

Nia x

Happy 29th Birthday

365 Days To Go!!!!

Happy 29th Birthday to me, I am now officially in my last year of my 20’s!
So you’re probably wondering how my ‘Journey’ to turning 30 is going, well I’ll tell you – BADLY!
Not because I am nervous, sad, or feeling uneasy about the BIG 3 0 but simply because I still have not ticked off much of my list… nor is my list complete!
I really do need to get my butt into gear ASAP!
Last weekend I attended a bridal and bridesmaid day/get together, (please note I was there working I was neither bride or bridesmaids) through wine fuelled conversation two other lovely ladies are now also planning to do similar list for their soon approaching milestone birthdays!
Lots of very interesting ideas came up for us to do as a group and some more individual ‘journeys’ some of which I don’t think I will be participating in, I’ll just say I like my men tall HA!

I do plan to get three items ticked off my list this month….and by the end of the month have a full list of journeys to experience…..but please don’t hold me to it!*insert cheeky wink*

P.S – It’s not my birthday today but what can I say I’m a busy lady!

1- Start, write blog
2- New career/job
3- Skydive
4- Join gym
5-Be same weight I was when 25
6- Holiday alone
7-Give blood
8- Raise money for charity
9-Video Call Skype
10- Afternoon Tea
11- Ascot Ladies Day
12 – Rolex purchased by friends, family or anyone willing
13- Dans Le Noir – Restaurant where you are served my blind waiters and waitress in pitch black!
14- Be an extra on a soap….
15- Swim with dolphins
16- Knit a scarf…..
17- Dine at a Michelin star restaurant
18- Own a plant and keep alive!!’
19- Help a stranger
20- Tour of London
21- Silent Disco

Feel free to make suggestions….
Love, Peace & Chocolate
Nia x

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!